UV Virus Killers

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UV Technology to KILL Virus, Bacteria and Fungi on Florida’s Gulf Coast and special projects across America.


Our professional grade technology and service fights Virus and Bacteria in homes, cars, boats, event spaces, commercial business, schools and special care facilities.

What is UV Sterlilization?

Discovered in 1879, UV Sterilization (Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation) can kill over 99% of virus, bacteria, and fungi by destroying their nucleic acids. Proper UV exposure disrupts their cellular DNA, leaving the virus, bacteria or fungi unable to perform their vital cellular functions; either infecting a host, or continuing to grow and spread.

What's the cost?

The cost is dependent on space size. We customize a package for a weekly/monthly treatment subscription, or a one-time sterilization. Before/after a large event, or following an outbreak within your home or business, we’ll work to create a sensible cost package to increase safety and health.

Should this replace a traditional cleaning service?

When performed correctly, liquid or aerosol cleaners can be effective. Yet, it’s widely misunderstood how detailed traditional products must be used to be effective against virus and bacteria. Instead of opposing a standard cleaning service, we believe layering smart cleaning strategies with UV Sterilization as a solid standard. We are happy to review your cleaning service plans and offer our thoughts on their effectiveness.

There are small UV Wands on the market, should I buy them?

First, you must understand the dangers of exposing yourself to UV rays and operate safely, with safety equipment. Some of these small “retail” devices may have value, but to a very limited area. To be effective, UV exposure must be measured by the distance of exposure, the power of the exposure and the time of exposure.

What's a Virus? An infectious agent that can ONLY replicate inside a host organism. A human, a plant, and animal, even bacteria can be infected by a Virus.

Dangerous viruses include: Coronaviruses, Influenza, SARS-COV, HIV, Rabies, Ebola, Adenoviruses, Smallpox, and many more.

What's a Bacteria?


A living organism that does NOT need a host to reproduce.

Dangerous bacteria include: C. Diff, Tuberculosis, Staph, Salmonella, Streptococcus (strep throat), Meningitis (when a bacteria enters the bloodstream and travels to brain or spinal cord).

Our Technology is advanced and our team is equipped with virus and bacteria killing gear.

Get the Best Virus Fighting Service at the Best Prices with the Proven Technology to do the job correctly!



We offer 3 World Class Services that are PROVEN Virus Killers!


Nicknamed “The Robot”, this beast exposes dangerous viruses, bacteria and fungi to powerful UV sterilization. Our goal is simply to disrupt the cellular DNA, creating a safe and healthy environment.


We use powerful, handheld UV guns to treat areas and objects that need special exposure; Especially bathrooms, areas of the kitchen, beds, cars and boats.


UV Vacuum Technology is a next-level fight against the invisible enemy. We are proud to offer this, as many services don’t account for the dangers of exposure and infection on floor surfaces. Our machinery collects possibly infected debris, while exposing the floor surface to UV sterilization.

Want to license UV Virus Killers?

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Call or email us using the form below with any questions that you may have about our Virus Killing service. Discounts are available for our brave and talented first responders, emergency health staff and United States Veterans. Also, we will offer this discounted rate if someone in your home is fighting Cancer.



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